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Ms Nordina Idris

Ms Nordina Idris

Ms Nordina Idris joined MOSTI (Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation) in 1996 as a Deputy Director, responsible in managing the Intensification of Research in Priority Areas (IRPA) and National Science Fellowship (NSF) grants. With more than 24 years’ experience, Ms Nordina has held various positions that were related to the development of biotechnology, infrastructure and IoT strategic planning for R&D by working closely with key players from the industry, academia and the ministry.

To date, she is the Division Secretary for Strategic Technology and Application S&T in MOSTI. She holds responsibility in key strategic technology planning in the area of biotechnology, nanotechnology, aerospace, digital and ICT. She also oversees strategic planning between the Ministry and Institutions in enrolling Science & Technology policy, National Biotechnology policy and sharing information in AI/BDA/Deep Learning in MOSTI and other agencies.

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