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  1. Is it a physical event to be held in Setia Alam?
    Kindly be informed that 13th NCCR 2020 has now turned virtual. You should only attend the conference virtually.

  2. How if I keyed in my information incorrectly?
    You may login using your username and password, and edit from the system itself. All latest amended information will be reflected in your registration summary.

  3. I selected the LPO payment method twice, am I being charged twice?
    No, you are not. Please assist us by uploading your LPO proof for verification purposes. It will take at least 3 working days.

  4. How do I prove that I have paid?
    Login using the username and password you have created, upload your payment proof via the system.

  5. What happened after I registered?
    1 day prior the event you shold receive an email with a unique link for you to access the virtual conference.

  6. I could not find the email in the inbox. What should I do?
    Kindly search for the email with the subject “Delegate Final Instruction | NCCR 2020” in your spam / junk box. Otherwise, please contact the secreatriat at secretariat@nccrconference.com.my.

  7. I was prompted “An account already exists for the login details entered. Please access this where indicated, or use a different Email Address to create a new login”.
    Please email the secretariat for assistance. If you are one of the accepted abstract submitters, please note that you are registered as an abstract submitter by default. You would have already received your login link via the acceptance notification.

  8. When will I obtain my certificates?
    The certificates will be sent to your registered email within a week after the conference.

Accessing e-NCCR

  1. Can I share my login access link with others?
    DO NOT share the login link with others. The unique login link is ONLY for you.

  2. What do I need to access the conference?
    Technical pre-requisites:

    • Device:

      • Laptop

      • Computer

      • MacBook

      • iMac

    • Operating System:

      • Windows 7+

      • Mac OS 10.10+

      • Linux Ubuntu 16.04+

    • Browser:

      • Google Chrome 72+

      • Mozilla Firefox 70+

  3. What hardware/software are not supported?
    Following has LIMITED or NO support:

    • Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone

    • Browser: Internet Explorer, Safari

  4. How should I attend the live conference?
    Step 1: Go to your email, search for the email with the subject “Delegate Final Instruction | NCCR 2020”
    Step 2: Click on the link to join the Live Conference

  5. When should I join the conference?
    Participants are recommended to log in 10 minutes earlier before the session starts.
    Please test the following before the conference starts:

    • Q&A

    • Raise Hand Feature

    • Chat

  6. Will I have access to the recordings and materials?
    All conference sessions will be recorded. The link to access the recordings will be sent to you after the event.

  7. How to ask a question to the speaker/panelist?
    Click on the “Q&A” button to type in your question in the Q&A chatbox. You are advised to type your question in the Q & A box instead of the Chat room.

  8. Why can't I turn on my audio and video?
    ZOOM webinar platform automatically disables attendee audio and video once you enter the webinar.

  9. I’m unable to see or hear during the conference.
    Kindly reload your browser a few times and please ensure you have the latest version of Zoom software.

  10. Unable to join / Showing connection timed out?
    Kindly clear your browser cache and reload the page. (Windows “Ctrl + F5” or MacOS “Command + Shift + R”). Please make sure your antivirus and firewall did not block the current web address or Zoom.

  11. How to Raise your hand?
    Click the "Participants" icon, and you will be able to "Raise Hand".

  12. What is the topic and who is the speaker for each day? How long will be the conference?
    Please refer to the programme (Click Here)

  13. Since it is a virtual conference, how should I prove my attendance and get a Certificate of Attendance?
    The software itself will record your attendance and the duration you spent at the virtual conference. You will obtain your certificate of attendance within a week after the conference.

  14. Who should I contact if there are technical difficulties I'm facing during the conference?
    Please contact our support team at +6010- 364 1491 (Ayna) or +6014-621 1491 (Munchees) for immediate assistance.

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