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E-Poster Display Guidelines

Important Note

  1. All information submitted is the sole responsibility of the author(s). Please note that the review committee will not be held accountable for technical or grammatical mistakes.

  2. Kindly note that the first author MUST be registered and fully paid by 18 AUGUST 2020 (offline payment) / 22 AUGUST 2020 (online payment).

E-Poster Display Guidelines

  1. Please make sure to include details for the Header, ie: Title, Authors, Institution.

  2. Please underline the first author.

  3. The headings of the e-Poster should conform to the structure of the abstract.

  4. Each poster must fit into ONE page only.

  5. Text Size must be readable from at least 1 metre away (minimum font size 16pt).

  6. The orientation of the e-Poster must be Portrait.

  7. Pictures, graphs and tables can be included in the e-Poster.

  8. Videos and music cannot be included in the e-Poster.

  9. Incomplete / non-compliant posters will not be accepted.

  10. Suggested Resolution: 1080px x 1920px (38.1cm x 67.7cm) with 300 DPI

  11. To produce your e-Poster, save your file as PDF format. We recommend that you choose Minimum Size for the PDF save option to ensure you do not exceed our maximum file size limit of 2MB.

  12. It is critically important for files to be named using the following format: (First Author's Name)_(Abstract ID No.)_(Abstract Title). 

You may use the template below to create your poster and export file into PDF format.
While making amendments for design elements, please ensure ALL the vital information is included in the poster. 

Download e-Poster template

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