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Conference Message from the Organising Chairperson

"On behalf of the organising committee, I would like to invite you to the 7th National Conference on Clinical Research 2013, an annual conference that focuses on clinical research in Malaysia.  Conduct of good clinical research should be ethical and conforms to regulatory requirements on patient safety; that means the translation of regulatory requirements into practice and transforming the clinical research culture to make it more compliant with regulatory requirements. Similarly with the rise of clinical informatics and scientific databases, there is a need to translate that information into a common language for clinicians who can use the information to transform patient care.

Increasing cost, limited resources and increasing complexity of today's research environment, necessitate the need to transform our research organizations to speedily, effectively and efficiently deliver research outcomes to service managers for effective strategic planning and decision-making to improve and transform patient care. The Conference serves to bring together leaders in research and healthcare to discuss on how to improve the research environment to be more efficient, effective and fully integrated while conforming to the highest standards of current regulatory requirements.

Come join us in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to keep abreast on ways to translate and transform clinical research. Come make new friends and build new partnerships for collaborative research in order to transform patient care.

Looking forward to your participation in the conference."

Dr Goh Pik Pin,
Director Clinical Research Centre (CRC), Ministry of Health Malaysia


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  • Symposium 1 : Clinical Informatics
  • Symposium 2 : Regulatory Issues in Research
  • Symposium 3 : Strengthening Research Capacity
  • Symposium 4 : Clinical Database
  • Symposium 5 : Rights of The Human Research Participants
  • Symposium 6 : eHealth